In everything we do, we believe that we can protect you better while still saving you money on insurance. We do this by challenging our carriers to compete for you by providing excellent coverage, highly competitive rates, as well as efficient claims handling that is easy to use and user friendly. We just happen to provide superior customer service and great advice.

Based in Athens Georgia, Vetinsure is an independent insurance agency serving the veterinary industry exclusively since 2008. With a comprehensive list of the best A-rated insurers (AM Best) in the country, we provide tailored insurance solutions and risk management strategies to help protect you against the financial hardships resulting from peril and litgation

The right formula

We have a strong teaching culture that is complimented by the expertise of our staff, who have been trained by the largest and most respected Fortune 500 insurers. This brings about something quite extraordinary in the insurance business - partners with a veterinary focus and insider experience to give you what is right for your business so you can draw on deep educational resources to obtain the very best results.

Empowered People

Our people have an unmatched work ethic, and go above and beyond to make your business safer, smarter and more profitable. We hire only the best and brightest because we want to make a difference.

Creative Thinking

With Vetinsure, we offer something you do not get from local agents or national associations - creative thinking.  Regardless of the risks your business faces, we can help you overcome them innovative solutions tailor-made for you - even if we have to invent them.

Trusted Partners

From banks, group purchasing organizations, medical products distributors and financial services, we work with highly vetted strategic partners that serve the veterinary industry and also that share our long-term vision of proactive client education and consultation.  We work to protect your interests and strengthen your business with the best insurance solutions and risk management consulting in the veterinary industry.

"Insurance is an intangible, until you need it. Only after a claim, do most people discover how tangible it could have been. The goal of a good agent should always be to educate you first, so together you can make the right decisions for your business before a claim happens."

Rod Finnegan, Founder & CEO