Business-Owners Policy (BOP)
Cover age extends from buildings and business personal property to many liability exposures in one convenient policy.
Workers Compensation
Work related injuries and illnesses happen. Medical care and lost wages can be expensive. Workers Comp insurance provides protection and benefits to injured employees.
It never hurts to have extra cover age for peace of mind.Umbrella policies can provide additional limits above cover ages like General Liability, Auto and Employers Liability.
Many veterinarians naturally assume there is only one provider of vet professional liability. For years the industry lacked choice, which is why we created Vetpro. Flexible limits. No membership fee. License Defense included!
Executive Risk
Did you know that 67% of all wrongful termination and discrimination lawsuits were meritless? It is vitally important to protect your bottom line.
Data Breach & Cyber Liability
Home Depot, Target and even our U.S. Federal Government have been hacked. But if those entities had millions of dollars to spend on protection, what protection do you have in place?
Builders Risk
When building a structure from the ground up, lease-hold build-out, or major remodel, builders risk protects your tangible assets during construction.
Disability income protection (”DI”) provides protection for your future earned income against risk a disability prevents you from working.
Life Insurance
The best way to protect the financial viability of loved ones, in the event we pass away unexpectedly, is with life insurance. Have you reviewed your cover age lately
Policy Examination
Simply put, insurance is a transfer of risk. But the time to find out the true quality of your policy is not after a claim. We provide a full cover age exam of your existing policies to help protect your business from a future financial hardship.
Business Services Integration
We have a highly vetted network of business service providers such as veterinary consulting, accounting,payroll, financial services and legal that can help your business thrive.
Loss Control
Identifying a problem before it happens is a great way to mitigate risk. Our carriers offer a full array of loss control services that analyze your controls, procedures and manuals to prevent claims and lower cost.
Group Benchmark
Ar e you a member of a veterinary hospital or managers group? Discover how your group compares to others in your industry. Our proprietary reporting provides a detailed analysis along with useful strategies to improve protection and reduce cost.
Claim Consulting
Not all insurance claims are the same. Sometimes a situation may seen benign at first, but lead to a claim later. What happens if you do not file the claim quickly and are sued later? We can help guide your path.
Continuing Education (C.E.)
We provide a RACE approved C.E. course called Destroyed in Seconds, as seen at Western Vet (WVC), FVMA, and many other conferences. We cover everything from howto build an effective risk management strategy to extreme topics such as catastrophic events that could close your doors forever.