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At Vetinsure, in everything we do, we believe that we can protect you better while still saving you money on insurance.
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Save money on business insurance with Vetinsure powered solutions for hospital owners, managers and corporate hospitals.
Obtain insurance for yourself or your family without the hassle of paying association dues or membership fees.
Produce results with greaterconfidence by protecting your business from costly litigation due to an error or omission.
Deliver stronger value to your members by helping to protect their long-term viability while still providing cost reduction strategies.

Let's transform business as usual

From revolutionizing veterinary insurance to reinventing the way
you communicate with employees, Vetinsure helps organzations
all over the United States protect their assets


fastest growing insurance of vet hospitals in the U.S.


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Sourced by Vetinsure October 2019

An industry changing idea

When Rod Finnegan first created the concept of Vetinsure, most insurance agencies were not investing resources into working with a single industry or niche market. Even today, most agencies would classify themselves as "generalists." But, a generalist agent carries only a basic working knowledge of the clients and industries they serve and will never offer the expertise of a specialist.

We are an independent insurance agency dedicated to serving the veterinary community exclusively. The core of our value is forged in education so together with our clients we can create a tailored risk management strategy that protects against financial hardships resulting from peril or litigation.

The veterinary industry is underserved and considered a commodity by large corporations, national veterinary associations and even insurance carriers. Today's veterinarian needs expert level advice and counsel from professionals dedicated to delivering innovation. Simply stated, we are that innovation.

Vetinsure innovation powers the most trusted brands

Insurance is in our DNA

Vetinsure has been saving veterinary hospitals for over 10 years by
providing highly techinical expertise forged in the most respected
Fortune 500 insurers. Most of our staff were trained as underwriters,
so we know a thing or two about how to make an insurance carrier work for you.