Vetinsure provides tailored business insurance products to veterinary practice owners.


Products provided include coverage for business property, mobile equipment, general liability, professional liability, workers compensation, employment practices liability (EPL), commercial automobile, flood, earthquake, and umbrella.


Our primary objective is to thoroughly analyze your current coverage for coverage gaps, flaws and inflated rates. A coverage gap is when your policy fails to provide coverage for a known or industry specific exposure. An example of a commonly found coverage gap is mobile equipment coverage for large animal veterinarians. Many policies we evaluate have coverage for personal property, but lack coverage for medical equipment once outside of 1,000 feet of the primary scheduled location (your hospital). This is easily fixed.


Most of our team were Underwriters for some of the most respected Fortune 500 insurers, which give us a unique advantage to negotiate lower premiums, obtain broader coverage, answer questions, and provide advice on reducing risk. We work with you to develop a customized insurance portfolio to meet your specific needs. We only represent the finest rated insurers and monitor their status with rating companies such as AM Best, Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s.





You have worked hard to achieve success and own your own business. You have done everything right and by the books. You hired the best attorney and set up your corporation. Your insurance is listed under your corporation and everything seems great. But ask yourself one simple question, “Do you really feel protected?” Do you use your vehicle in your business? Is that vehicle titled in your business name or your individual name? If you caused an accident while using the vehicle for your business, you can still be sued as an individual and the corporate veil has officially now been pierced. Unfortunately, in this situation your assets just became a bank account for every dollar of damages incurred to the injured party after your personal auto insurance policy is exhausted. Scared yet? Call us, we can help you fix this too.


It takes a sincere love for animals and a caring heart to be a great Veterinarian. Compassion and an eye for detail enable thorough care. We handle insurance the same way. At Vetinsure, caring is our policy!